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Web Design

Digital marketing starts with an effective website design strategy.


Want your website at the top of Google searches? SEO is how it gets there.

Social Media

Everyone’s on social media. Your company needs to be there, too.


Fully custom client dashboards to track the metrics that matter most.

Your full-time, online marketing department.

We're not a "churn & burn" agency. At Mayd Media we strive to build long term relationships with our clients. We won't outsource your projects and you'll always be able to speak with someone directly when you need us.

Why web design matters

The problem: your company’s website isn’t generating new leads or revenue. It could be due to a number of things. It’s outdated, hard to navigate, no clear path for a visitor to take. Maybe it’s just not being found? (See SEO below)

The solution: a website that instills confidence, leads the visitor straight to your phone or door, and ultimately increases your bottom line. It’s simple, your website is a 24/7 salesperson.
Is yours working?

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Easy to understand
Web Analytics

Understanding where your customers are and how they find you is absolutely necessary for success today. With our custom analytics dashboard, we can integrate all your channels in one place.

24/7 monitoring on desktop and mobile with the Mayd Media Web Analytics app. Dig in to how you’re growing and just as important – how your competition is performing.

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So what about SEO?

Does your site show up when people search for products or services in your industry? Through a combination of ever-evolving techniques we can help make sure your site is at the top.

Proper keyword research, local citations, and relevant backlinks are just the tip of the search engine optimization iceberg. With the right strategy, we’ll move you up – and make sure you stay there.

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If you're not online,
you don't exist.

There’s no way around it, this infamous quote rings true for all businesses. Do you think more customers access your company information from a phone book or the internet? Surely you didn’t say the phone book, right?

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention and without a digital partner, you could find yourself at the back of the pack. Though traditional avenues still have their place, none of them are as effective as the web.

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